About the Photographer

Photography has been one of my joys since I was young. I’ve developed a passion for it over the years, and have explored several different types of photography. Nature, landscapes, and architectural detail have become the main focus for my artwork. I've also started to venture into the fascinating world of wildlife photography, and hope to include more of these kinds of images in my work as well.

I find that being out in nature gives me the inspiration and motivation to seek out unique and pleasing perspectives. I strive to reproduce what I see as accurately as I can, sometimes "tweaking" the image a bit to give it a more artistic look. I give thanks to God, not only for giving me the gift of being able to capture beautiful scenes with my camera, but also for providing such a wonderful, awesome studio in which to work – His creation.

I currently reside in Clermont, Florida.  I am a fairly recent "transplant" from Michigan.  So many of my images come from the Michigan or Florida area.  However, I also have many images from other places in this beautiful country of ours that I've been blessed to visit.

One of the joys I find in photography is setting out to capture an idea that I have in mind, and discovering how much more is out there that I wasn’t expecting. Many of my best shots came from just happening upon a scene or subject.

Hope you enjoy my work – I have certainly enjoyed creating it!